Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome To My Blog: Introduction

This is my first attempt at blogging, so don't be critical....

So I'm here at SUNY Cortland receiving an education. Many including myself never thought I would get this far. I knew coming out of high school that Physical Education was the career choice that I wanted to explore. I also made the decision that SUNY Cortland was the place to be if I truly wanted to be one of the best in my field. However, life never makes things easy and my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Knowing how much of an asset I was to my parents and overall family functuality, I decided that it was nessesary to start school locally. I applied and was accepted to Buffalo State College with the intention of transfering to SUNY Cortland in two years. I look back on my experiences at Buffalo State with high regard. While in attendance, I competed on the swim team there. I made many bonds and developed strong relationships with those associated with the program. During my studies in Buffalo, I found out that I was to become a father. I embraced the situation and became a father on January 24 2008 to Terence Eoin Harroun. Although many people believed that Cortland was now out of the picture, how can one say "no" to their career in waiting. I transfered to cortland for the fall 2008 on paper. In real life, I had to transition to independance, to a new school, to a new life. Dealing with hardly any money and little free time can make the stress compound on you. My girlfirend Amanda supports me in more ways than anyone can imagine. During my first semester, I had many ups and downs. The assurance that I recieved came when one of my professors brought in a few kids into our dance class. The looks and smiles we recieved while sharing the excitement of dance reminded me why I'm here, and what I want to be.

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